Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Wednesday 6 August 2014

Good day - for a change. Started with an Hobby flying over my head as I opened the car door to go to the cress beds at Ewelme. Then a new year bird for the Ewelme site - a Sedge Warbler. I am almost ashamed to say these were both "year ticks" for me - but I don't get out much! Walking round the top meadow I was rudely awoken from my meander by a bright yellow butterfly - a Clouded yellow and it actually settled briefly for a photo.

I thought that was probably enough excitement for one day but later, at home, a Red Underwing bumped into me outside the back door almost knocking me over - they are BIG moths! And, just to finish the day off instead of the usual craneflies and micro moths this tiny mayfly was in the bathroom.

Yes I know its not May!

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