Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Away day

Tuesday 6 December 2011
Out of my comfort zone today.  Packed emergency rations, blew the dust of my satnav and set off for Cowleaze Wood.  Second mistake (first was deciding to go) was to go via Britwell Hill which was a bit like an ice ring in places. Survived that and parked up at the wood.  Stepped out of the car and first bird I saw was a big black corvid - that could be a Raven, I thought - "kronk" - thank you very much.  I began to think that this could be my day but things rapidly went downhill. A large flock (c60) of small finches kept flying around but if they did settle it wasn't anywhere near where I was. Managed to find Blue, Great and Coal Tits, Jay and Great Spot but not a lot else.  Eventually the small finches settled within range, briefly, when they appeared to be mainly Goldfinch with some Siskin. Probably wasn't helped by hoards of dogs apparently all fighting one another and necessitating looking what you were treading in rather than looking at the tops of trees.  Why do people seem to want flocks of dogs rather than the odd one or perhaps two? and why do dog owners think that they needn't clear up after them when in the countryside?

So no sign of the Crossbills, numbering around 40, seen on Sunday by son .

Allways another day I suppose.

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